Program Methodology

The Principal’s Scholars Program (PSP) curriculum design is grade-level specific and structured to move students from their current grade to enrollment in post-secondary education and beyond. The programming promotes mastery of math and science skills as well as progress in the English, writing, and reading cluster.

PSP promotes a transformative learning strategy composed of three integrated learning processes: deeper learning, focused learning, and borderless learning.

Deeper Learning

Deeper learning advances critical thinking as a preferred method of knowledge acquisition. This type of learning explores the following:

  • An aggregate understanding of information seen, heard, and read
  • A logical probing format that explores causes and effects
  • Comparisons and contrasts of related and unrelated information
  • An individual assessment system that leads to predictive and coherent output of information in order of a quantified sequence

Focused Learning

Focused learning involves targeted skill enhancements to remediate academic deficiency and advance academic proficiency. This type of learning encompasses the following:

  • A detailed approach to developing applicable study skills
  • Concentration on a particular skill set related to a problem or subject
  • A thorough review of a section or foundation of the problem or subject
  • Ongoing assistance in learning and retaining challenging subject matter

Borderless Learning

Borderless learning infuses essential rudiments of related external environments into the learning process. This type of learning includes the following:

  • Creating seamless learning environments
  • Paralleling academic subject matter with up-to-date real-world applications
  • Lengthening learning opportunities through infusing technology and global initiatives
  • Trending learning opportunities with futuristic projections in the field or subject matter